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Hollandia Produce grower of Live Gourmet® and Grower Pete’s® brands is pleased to announce that all of its living lettuce and living cress products are now Non-GMO Project Verified. The Non-GMO Project offers North America’s only third-party verification for non-GMO food and products. This endorsement represents Hollandia Produce’s ongoing commitment to use all natural ingredients in the production of its products, be it conventional or organic.

Participating in the Non-GMO Projects’ Product Verification Program was a natural fit Hollandia Produce, LP whose mission is to provide its customers with high quality products grown hydroponically and harvested with their roots intact to promote freshness and flavor. Sustainable growing and production practices that conserve land and water resources and embrace source reduction and recycling help make Live Gourmet and Grower Pete’s products the very best they can be.

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“Our products have been GMO-free from day one and now we’ve made the extra effort to verify our products through the Non-GMO Project to provide our customers that extra level of confidence when consuming our products,” said Pete Overgaag, President and CEO of Hollandia Produce, “We believe in producing wholesome, high quality, extremely fresh products with time tested methods that utilize the best of nature and nurture’.

For more information about the NON GMO Project, click here >

In addition to being Non-GMO Project verified our Grower Pete’s® products are USDA certified organic by CCOF. Additionally our Live Gourmet® living Upland Cress and Grower Pete’s® Living Watercress products have achieved Antioxidant Super Food Certification from SCS Global Services for their high Lutein content.