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CARPINTERIA, Calif. – APRIL 2, 2015 –
Hollandia Produce, the nation’s largest provider of hydroponically greenhouse grown living butter lettuce and other leafy greens, announced today it’s been named Grocery Headquarters Magazine’s 2015 Produce Trailblazer Award recipient.

Grocery Headquarters presents Trailblazer awards to companies that value and exhibit a strong commitment to innovation, creativity, transparency and sustainability in the following special achievement categories: Produce, Organic, Gluten-Free, Functional + Specialty Foods and Beverages, Supplements, Personal Care, Household, Health, Pet Care, Superfoods, Homeopathy.

“We’re honored to receive this award,” expressed Vincent Choate, vice president of Marketing and Sales. “At Hollandia Produce, we’re committed to innovation and excellence; they’re part of our core values. So to be recognized by our industry peers for these values helps to validate our efforts and keeps us striving to be better.”

Known most for its flagship brand Live Gourmet® and its certified organic line Grower Pete’s® Hollandia Produce has been innovating on the hydroponically greenhouse-grown living lettuce and leafy greens produce categories for nearly 20 years. But much of the company’s expansion can be attributed to the visionary leadership of CEO and grower Pete Overgaag and his team’s laser-like focus on elevating these commodities into the premium, niche products they’re known for today.

Hollandia Produce has been able to achieve its goals, by meeting its customers’ and consumers’ demand for produce that delivers “added-value”. For many retailers, this means less shrink, longer shelf-life and fewer merchandising inputs. For consumers, value is defined by freshness and food safety. However, as consumer awareness and demand for more natural, organic and/or superfood produce options increases, this definition has come to incorporate these attributes as well.
That’s why Hollandia Produce Grower Pete’s products are USDA organic certified. In fact, these lettuce and leafy greens are organic all the way down to their root balls. In fact, unlike some other hydroponic produce providers who harvest with the roots attached, Grower Pete’s brand complies with the most recent USDA’s NOP ruling and is naturally compostable.