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Food Safety

At Hollandia Produce we are dedicated to food safety. Our commitment incorporates the utilization of state of the art production facilities, food safety training and re-enforcement for all of our employees, third party inspections by independent certified laboratories and an industry leading quality assurance program.
Water quality, production procedures and protocols, harvesting techniques and post harvest care of our products are continuously monitored before shipping.
Additionally, our packaging forms a food safety barrier around the product protecting each delectable leaf from our farm to your table while enhancing and extending shelf life. Code dating, the Enjoy by Date stamped on every package helps you know you are receiving a fresh and flavorful product every purchase.


We comply with and exceed all Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) guidelines set forth by the US FDA in the National Food Safety Initiative a set of science based protocols designed to reduce microbial food safety hazards in fresh produce. Regular third party inspection in conjunction with frequent self-audits helps us distribute high quality, and flavorful products that are good to eat.

Environmental Protection

To expand upon our GAP protocols we utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) regimes that mitigate pesticide use and a water reclamation program to conserve precious water resources. Additionally, we collect rainwater runoff in retention basins to reduce erosion and protect nearby estuaries. As stewards of the land and resources used to produce our products we use conservative, renewable, and sustainable products and practices to be a good neighbor locally while remaining responsible to all of mankind.

Employee Welfare

We provide a safe and healthy workplace that offers opportunities for personal and career development. Our workspaces are ergonomically designed to facilitate ease of task completion and our staff is cross-trained so that tasks are varied throughout the workday. Wage and benefit packages that include health insurance, 401K and profit sharing programs help our employees maintain a higher standard of living thereby strengthening the communities in which they live.

Health and Nutrition

Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables contribute greatly to a healthy lifestyle and our Live Gourmet® products are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and phyto-nutrients.

By harvesting our products with their roots intact, which provides a source of carbohydrates for the leaves after harvest, Live Gourmet® products retain their just picked freshness and flavor for days longer than products harvested in the conventional manner.