Live Gourmet to the Rescue with Healthy Post-Holiday Meal Ideas


The holiday season is often a whirlwind with gift wrapping, cocktail parties and spreading good cheer in the community. If you’re hosting dinner over the holidays, you most likely won’t have a chance to relax until after Christmas Day.  To help you recharge, we’ve compiled a few simple post-holidays meals.

Holiday Leftovers InstagramAfter noshing on copious amounts of egg nog and cookies, you may be in search of something green. Look no further than this walnut gorgonzola butter lettuce salad —compliments of our very own Sam Overgaag. The toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, living butter lettuce, upland cress and gorgonzola cheese make a flavorful combination while our greens provide ample amounts of vitamins A and C and calcium. Add a hard-boiled egg for a boost of protein.

To make use of your leftover bird, add white meat to these Asian-inspired lettuce cups. Just substitute the ground turkey for shredded. The finger food also makes a great hors d’oeuvre for a New Year’s party!

Did you prepare pork tenderloin, chicken breast or even fish for a gathering and have extra? Use this Eating Well recipe, made originally with grilled filet mignon, as a source of inspiration to try something new with your leftover entrée. The delicious herb butter is versatile and is great on just about any kind of protein and even on veggies.

With a bit of ingenuity and remaining dishes from your holiday feast, you can whip up a healthy, satisfying meal without missing out on quality time with your loved ones. 

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