Lettuce Drink Our Greens – Veggie Smoothie Recipes

Making smoothies with greens and veggies is a great way to get nutrients in your body and when done right, taste delicious!

All Yummy Recipes created a blog post on their favorite 15 vegetable smoothie recipes. The post featured fabulous vegetable smoothies such as pumpkin, kale, and beetroot smoothies – just to name a few. They even featured our “Lettuce Share Kris Carr’s Green Smoothie” Recipe! (we added Live Gourmet Butter lettuce to it of course!)

Photo from Kris Carr's website
Green Smoothie Recipe Inspired by Kris Carr

We love getting creative in the kitchen and experimenting with our butter lettuce, veggies, fruits and more.

Please share with us any of your butter lettuce smoothie creations and visit All Yummy Recipes for 15 vegetable smoothie ideas!

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