Live Gourmet Celebrates Made in America Month


National Made in America Month began in the 1980s to help revitalize the economy and to encourage individuals to buy products from the good ole USA. Each December, Americans recognize the tradition along with the more recent campaign “Grown in America.”

CAgrownDid you know? “California produces a sizable majority of many American fruits, vegetables, and nuts,” reports At Hollandia Produce, all of our products are grown in Carpinteria, California. Our greenhouse growing methods allow us to provide our greens year-round to our consumers.

Though we have a rich history in California, our company’s roots trace back nearly 100 years to Holland, where CEO Pete Overgaag’s grandfather Leo first began farming. In 1953, Pete’s father and Hollandia Produce Founder Art Overgaag started his own nursery in Den Hoorn, Holland, growing tomatoes in the spring and summer and lettuce in the winter. About fifteen years later, Art moved his family to America, eventually settling in the Carpinteria/Santa Barbara area. Today, our company includes GROWER PETE’S® and LIVE GOURMET® products. They have won a number of awards, including the American Tasting Institute gold medal award for flavor and taste.

Our growing traditions of the past helped develop our present method: the continuous-flow-hydroponic system known as nutrient film technique (NFT). Pete has mentioned that his farmer forefathers have inspired him “to keep innovating” sustainable farming practices.  

We’re proud to be a “Grown in America” business. Find our products today in honor of National Made in America Month!