Live Gourmet Wins 2012 Vehicle Graphics Award

It wasn’t very long ago that we told you about the PMA Impact Award which we received for our unique clam shell packaging. Well it seems that we’ve done it again. This time we’ve been given a 2012 Vehicle Graphics Award for our new transport truck trailer graphics. If you haven’t already seen one driving by, here’s what they look like:

Live Gourmet Truck

The vehicle wrap was designed by Bill Schoneberger of Clear Concepts and was printed by Epic Media Group. It was praised for making “good use of the space”, showing off our award winning packaging, our lovely lettuce (of course) and even including a shout-out to our home town, Carpinteria.

So next time you’re out and about, keep and eye out for our trucks as they deliver our delicious Living Lettuce to a store near you!

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