Food Safety Tips for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving holiday infographic for webThanksgiving is just around the corner and the time of being thankful (and overeating) with your family begins. Before you and your family enjoy your holiday feast this year, make sure you are applying necessary precautions to avoid getting any food-borne illness. Partnership for Food Safety Education created an infographic that shares facts and tips on how to keep food safety a priority this Thanksgiving holiday. Here are some of the tips they share:

Store your food properly. 

Make sure you keep fruits and vegetables separated from raw meat and poultry. Refrigerate your items as soon as you get home, and always, and we do mean always, pay attention to the expiration dates.

Use a thermometer to check if your turkey is cooked.

According to Partnership for Food Safety Education, it takes 24 hours to thaw a 4-pound turkey. When thawing, always keep it in its original package inside the refrigerator. They also suggest to cook your turkey to 165 degrees fahrenheit.

Reheat your leftovers. 

The infographic suggests to reheat your leftovers to 165 degrees fahrenheit. Eat or freeze leftovers within 3 to 4 days and make sure to store your foods in shallow containers. Trust us, we don’t want you to get sick during  the holiday season!

We want you to have not only a fun holiday feast, but a safe one too. Make sure you take necessary precautions when preparing your meals. And if you’re using any of our Live Gourmet lettuces and leafy greens  for your Thanksgiving meal, take a photo of it and send it to us. You never know, it might just be featured on our blog!

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