Sara Moulton’s Favorite Cookbooks of 2011

Chef Sara Moulton
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Sara Moulton is a well known chef, author of many cookbooks, and hosts her own TV show, “Sara’s Weeknight Meals”. She recently appeared on Good Morning America where she presented her list of the best cookbooks of 2011. While we were disappointed at the lack of an all butter lettuce cookbook (just kidding), this list is certainly worth a look.

What sets this list apart is that it groups the cookbooks by categories such as “For the busy cook”, “For beginners” and “For the Man in the Kitchen”. Each cookbook is described in detail, making it easy to find the one that’s just for you, whether you’ve never touched a skillet in your life or you’re just looking to add to your skills. We’ve got you covered on the Butter Lettuce and Upland Cress recipes, but for everything else, there’s a book on this list that is sure to satisfy your tastes, whatever they may be.

To view the list, which is found on Good Morning America’s blog, just click here: And for more about Chef Sara Moulton, you can visit her website by clicking here:

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