Live Gourmet Zests up Greens for Fall


When we happened on Whole Food’s Fall Greens Salad with Pumpkin Seeds and Asiago, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Butter lettuce and watercress together in one dish? We had to try it for ourselves. What we found was nothing short of culinary bliss. The sharp watercress and velvety butter lettuce create an interesting amalgam of flavors; while the pumpkin seeds add a bit of crunch — not to mention they’re the quintessential autumnal food.

IMG_1377The main ingredients are not only delicious, but they’re also loaded with vitamins and minerals. Pumpkin seeds are a significant source of iron, and have a high amount of natural chlorophyll, “which alkalizes and naturally cleanses the body,” reports Though lettuce may not be the first green that comes to mind as the most vitamin-rich, our living butter variety packs a punch. It’s chock full of vitamins like vitamin A, iron, and calcium. The vibrant lettuce joins forces with the reining supreme nutrient-dense vegetable, watercress. Did you know that our living watercress and upland cress are certified as Antioxidant-rich Superfoods? This is based on a laboratory analysis of their antioxidants levels, especially lutein, an antioxidant known to fight cancer-causing free radical compounds.

IMG_1380By combining these highly nutritional and tasty whole foods, you can prepare this healthy, seasonal meal as a side or main in under thirty minutes. If you’d like to make it heartier, try adding omega-3 rich salmon like in celebrity chef Nigella Lawson’s recipe. Or, simply put an egg on it. “Researchers at Purdue University found that eating cooked whole eggs with raw vegetables increased absorption of carotenoid,” says The antioxidant helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and aids in eye health. 

So what are you waiting for? Add Live Gourmet® or Grower Pete’s brand of Living Butter Lettuce and Watercress to Fall Greens Salad with Pumpkin Seeds and Asiago. Go to Whole Food’s website for the complete recipe today!