We’ve Been Recognized for "Innovative Packaging"

Last month we told you about our new Clam Shell (aka Squircle) packaging. You can check out that post here if you missed it. If you don’t remember, the Squircle design, as well as our new shipping boxes, use less materials and are better for the environment.

The Produce Marketing Association has taken notice of this and named Hollandia Produce (makers of Live Gourmet) one of the finalist for their PMA Impact Excellence in Packaging Award. We’re quite happy about this, and you can be too, because now you know that when you choose Live Gourmet brand produce, you’re helping the environment. That makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside, how about you?

For more information about the award, check out this article over at Fresh Plaza: http://bit.ly/o17b39.

And you can find more information about our Squircle package here: http://bit.ly/nrxA1U.

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