Live Gourmet at PMA Fresh Summit

PMA Fresh Summit LogoHave you got plans for next weekend? We sure do! On Saturday, October 27 & 28 Hollandia Produce (yes, that’s us, your makers of Live Gourmet Living Leafy Greens) will be attending the PMA Fresh Summit Convention in Anaheim, California.

PMA’s (Produce Marketing Association) Fresh Summit is the largest produce related trade show in the world.  We’ll be running a booth and hanging out with fellow vegetable growers, supermarket workers, and others from the fresh produce industry.

We invite anyone with plans of attending the Fresh Summit to stop by and visit with us in booth 2191.

In 2011, we received PMA’s Impact Award for our revolutionary space-saving “squircle” packaging.

Our Live Gourmet products are harvested with their roots intact to promote freshness and flavor and each product is “Absolutely Fresh because it’s still Alive!” Sustainably grown in our state of the art greenhouses and packaged with care, every Live Gourmet product meets our strict quality assurance standards and provides a repeatable just picked farm freshness with every package. Unmatched product uniformity and an industry leading GFS / HAACP Food Safety program make Live Gourmet products a favorite with grocers, consumers and white tablecloth chefs across America.

If you’re planning on attending the PMA Fresh Summit, drop by the Hollandia booth and say hello! We’d love to chat with you!

Can’t make it to the convention? We’d still love to hear from you!
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Living Red Butter Lettuce 101 with Dani Spies

Over the past couple weeks we’ve given you the low-down on almost all of the delicious veggies that we grow here at Live Gourmet. Now it is time to discuss our Living Red Butter Lettuce. Despite what you might think, this stuff isn’t exactly the same as our regular lettuce. You can expect slightly different texture and flavor from this variety. Also it’s red (although you probably guessed that much yourself). If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying it yet, let this blog post be your excuse!

Now here’s Dani Spies to explain more about the finer points of our Living Red Butter Lettuce:

You can check out all the Live Gourmet 101 videos again right here! And you can learn more about Dani Spies on her website Clean&Delicious with Dani Spies.

What’s your favorite Red Butter Lettuce recipe? Tell us all about it!
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Yet Another Way that Live Gourmet is Going Green

If you’ve been following this blog, then you probably already know about how we’ve gone green with our packaging. Now we’ve got something new for our friend the earth to be happy about because what hauls our green packaging around is now green too. Our state of the art trucks are designed to be aerodynamic in order to reduce fuel consumption, and the fuel that is used is not gas, but cleaner burning natural gas.

We’ve also upgraded our trailers as well. The refrigeration units that keep our greens fresh are hybrid-electric, so they also release less CO2 into our atmosphere.

All of this has helped us get the EPA’s official stamp of approval for our trucks. For a sligtly more in-depth look at all of this new tech, check out the video below from

Remember, we’re always looking for customer recipes. Send us yours and we’ll send you something too!
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Hollandia Produce Trucks Rock New Design

Earlier this year many of you participated in our truck trailer art selection process by choosing your favorite conceptual design from seven designs we sent out for review.

We were elated by the response to our inquiry and the comments we received with many of the replies. Everyone’s help made choosing the final designs possible and we want to thank each of you that voted for your favorite design.

Below are photos of the two winning designs. We’ve had the designs printed and applied to two of our Live Gourmet Butter Lettuce trucks that make local So Cal deliveries. These mobile billboards are seen almost daily by thousands driving our major So Cal freeways during early morning to mid-day drive times.

Hollandia Produce Wins PMA Impact Award for Butter Lettuce Packaging

Carpinteria, CA – Hollandia Produce, LLCs, innovative produce squircle clamshell and shipping container won one of the five 2011 PMA Impact Awards for Excellence in Packaging last week in Atlanta, Georgia at the 2011 Produce Marketing Association conference. In its 5th year, the PMA Impact Award is presented to companies recognized for maximizing all opportunities to sell more fresh produce and floral products through innovative packaging. Packaging submissions were awarded points based upon excellence in the following areas: Marketing Design and Messaging, Food Safety, Supply Chain Efficiencies / Functionality, Sustainability / Environmental Impact and Consumer Convenience.

Hollandia Produce’s Live Gourmet Living Butter Lettuce packaging was released this year.  Hollandia Produce, LLC’s CEO Pete Overgaag said “it’s an honor to be named one of this year’s winners and to receive the recognition from our fellow produce professionals. Our new squircle packaging is the result of years of company-wide investments of time, talent and financial resources to achieve the ultimate package for our Live Gourmet Living Lettuces. Every aspect of our new package was examined to see how we could optimize the new design to insure we met and exceeded all merchandising, physical protection, food safety, sustainability, transportation and packaging criteria”. 

“The new Squircle design is an attractive improvement on the antiquated design of our original package that will help differentiate our Live Gourmet Living Butter Lettuce from all other living lettuce grower shippers” said Director of Marketing Vincent Choate. An eye catching, colorful and communicative label compliments the new design and acts as a tamper evident seal for the new package. Target consumer and frequent user focus group studies suggest the new optimized design achieves the goal of continued brand recognition while attracting first time buyers with its colorful and distinctive design.  

Source reduced, elegantly redesigned and supremely functional. The new Squircle clamshell package meets and exceeds merchandising, physical protection, food safety, sustainability and transportation packaging criteria for the 21st Century. 

Visit for information on our new Squircle packaging.

About Hollandia Produce Live Gourmet®
Hollandia Produce LLC. is a multi-faceted agricultural concern specializing in greenhouse-grown vegetables. Hollandia Produce, family owned and operated, is located in Carpinteria, California. In 2011 the company celebrated 41 years in business. As a producer of Live Gourmet® brand butter lettuce, upland cress, and 3-n-1 lettuce, Hollandia Produce provides many of the major supermarket chains in the western states with a year-round supply of premium quality produce. Live Gourmet® family of products are harvested with their roots intact and the lettuces are packaged in a unique see-through clamshell that functions as a mini-greenhouse. As living plants, these products have an exceptional long-lasting freshness that retains flavor and color much longer than comparable varieties in the produce department. Learn more at

About Produce Marketing Association (PMA)
Produce Marketing Association is the leading trade association representing companies from every segment of the global produce and floral supply chain. PMA helps members grow by providing business solutions that expand business opportunities and increase sales and consumption. For more information, visit

We’ve Been Recognized for "Innovative Packaging"

Last month we told you about our new Clam Shell (aka Squircle) packaging. You can check out that post here if you missed it. If you don’t remember, the Squircle design, as well as our new shipping boxes, use less materials and are better for the environment.

The Produce Marketing Association has taken notice of this and named Hollandia Produce (makers of Live Gourmet) one of the finalist for their PMA Impact Excellence in Packaging Award. We’re quite happy about this, and you can be too, because now you know that when you choose Live Gourmet brand produce, you’re helping the environment. That makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside, how about you?

For more information about the award, check out this article over at Fresh Plaza:

And you can find more information about our Squircle package here:

We’re still looking for great reader submitted recipes! So send us your favorite lettuce-centric recipe and we’ll send you back some goodies!
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The Scoop on Our New Clamshell Package from "And Now U Know"

As a company that sells a lot of green things, we’re always looking for more ways to go green. Watch this video with our own Vince Choate, giving you the low-down on our new clamshell package design and the other ways in which we’re trying to reduce waste in our shipping process.

For more information about Live Gourmet’s commitment to sustainability, head over to the Live Gourmet Sustainability page.

Meanwhile, we still want you to send us your recipes! 
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Know a California Farmer: Pete Overgaag

We usually devote this blog to talk of Butter Lettuce and other Live Gourmet products, but lettuce take a moment to introduce you to the man behind the lettuce: Pete Overgaag.

Pete is part of a family of greenhouse growers from Holland going back three generations. The benefits of greenhouse / hydroponic growing are many, but the video (below) speaks for itself. You can also watch more videos on the Live Gourmet YouTube Channel.

The Squircle of Life by Live Gourmet

What do you get when you combine a square and a circle? A squircle! And for Hollandia Produce, it means a new and improved clamshell! The Live Gourmet Living Butter Lettuce Squircle clamshell is designed to allow the same room for the lettuce leaves while reducing the area that contains the root ball. The Squircle is designed to eliminate un-used space in its shipping carton, allowing for a 20 percent increase in sellable units per pallet. In addition, the new design reduces the amount of plastic used, resulting in a 15 percent saving per clamshell.

Check out page 22 of the Fresh Digest June/July edition:

In addition, watch a news video about the squircle on (video news for the Fresh Produce Industry):

Lettuce know if you like the new squirrel design! 

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