Living Butter Lettuce Nutrient and Storing Information

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If you didn’t know, butter lettuce is highly nutritious. It is packed with vitamins like vitamin A, iron, and calcium. It also does not contain any cholesterol, sodium, or fat, making it a healthy green for you and your family.

Fruits and Veggies More Matters suggests to avoid butter lettuce heads that have wilted leaves. They also suggest to store washed and dried lettuce in a plastic bag inside the refrigerator for up to five days.

Our Living Butter Lettuce arrives alive, so we suggest you keep it in its original container we like to call a “mini greenhouse”. We call it a mini-greenhouse because it has a perfect micro-climate inside to help keep your leafy greens as fresh as they can be.

Our blog is filled with butter lettuce recipes for you and your family to try. We even have recipes that are kid-friendly and vegetarian, providing you with recipes that fit your lifestyle needs. We invite you to view our blog for some great Living Butter Lettuce recipes that you and your family will definitely enjoy.


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6 Replies to “Living Butter Lettuce Nutrient and Storing Information”

  1. Hi Venita, please see the “Living Butter Lettuce Nutrient and Storing Information” post for tips to keeping your Living Butter Lettuce alive. Also, you can always a few tablespoons of water after your purchase to keep the roots moist. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Dawn, Thanks for your question. Since we grow in greenhouses, we have less pest disease pressure than outdoor growers. The need for controls are very limited but when required, our first choice is to use products that are approved for organic farming. We take great pride in limiting our use of controls.

  2. Can I put the living lettuce in my aquatic turtle tank with the roots and will it stay alive? They eat it sparingly as they are not full grown yet so mostly carnivores for now but I leave vegetables so they get used to them and they do eat them.

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