Lettuce Eat Leftovers! Chinese Leftovers Repurposed

We love hearing from our customers – how they eat our greens, their experiences, tips and most of all, we LOVE hearing creative Live Gourmet Customer Recipe ideas to see how you eat our greens at home.

The recipe below really inspired us because our customer is like many of our happy customers – a busy working mom who in her spare time (yes, chuckle inserted here!) wants to feed her family in a happy, healthy and time-efficient way.  We loved Lynn T of Florida’s creative recipe to repurpose leftovers in a fun, healthy way. **Lynn, thank you for emailing us, we really appreciate you.

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Lettuce Eat Leftovers!  Chinese Leftovers Repurposed

Lynn had a hungry family of four fighting over some Chinese leftovers and not enough to go around to make full plates…problem solved with Live Gourmet Butter Lettuce!!
Lynn took her Chinese leftover Kung Pao Chicken, Chow Mein and Sweet and Sour Shrimp and placed it all over beds of fresh butter lettuce adding cucumbers and tomato (she said one of her kids denied the tomato but she got the kids devouring healthy greens!) making the leftovers stretch into a colorful, yummy, nourishing salad.
Lynn’s secret salad dressing really impressed us.  It sounded so good that we tried it ourselves – it was delicious!

Secret Salad Dressing:
– Four-five tablespoons of Follow Your Heart Vegenaise
– Teriyaki sauce (add a spoonful to start, add as needed for flavor)
– Soy sauce (add a spoonful to start, add as needed for flavor)
Sriracha Rooster Sauce (adds spice, a little goes a long way…yum!)
– Salt and pepper (optional) to taste
Mix in a container with fork, add ingredients above to enhance flavor to desired taste or extend sauce quantity)
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