Eat Your Colors! A Vegetable Snack

At Live Gourmet vegetables matter to us. We find different ways to help you have fun with getting your daily vegetable intake. This week we ask if you’ve heard the expression, “Eat your colors”?

Eating your colors means to vary your vegetables by including more produce that is high in phyto-nutrients, a substance found in plants that are beneficial to people. These nutrients are especially prevalent in brightly colored fruits and leafy vegetables.

Fresh Eating Tip: Vary your veggies with a container full of primary colors – RED, YELLOW, GREEN! Combine butter lettuce leaves, sliced cucumber, yellow tomatoes and red bell peppers for a dressing-less salad that doesn’t make a mess – makes great finger food for adults and kids alike!
This fresh snack is perfect for traveling in your car and sharing with your little ones. Kids have fun making mini veggie wraps with the smaller leaves. A grab and go snack of sliced vegetables and butter lettuce leaves is both delicious and nutritious. 

Fresh Fact: Did you know that Living Butter Lettuce has a delicate mild to sweet flavor with a firm crisp texture? Butter lettuce is truly easy to use with little to no preparation, simply tear the leaves off as needed. Smaller leaves found at the base of the lettuce were used in this snack and have an even sweeter taste that your kids will love!

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