Butter Lettuce with Chinese Leftovers

Here’s to Eating Better – By Eating Butter (…Lettuce that is!)

This “eating butter” tip is from one of our butter lettuce fans in Summerland, California.

She wrote in saying:

Dear Live Gourmet,

I made a New Years Resolution to eat better (my husband and I are new parents and we are working on trying to juggle parenthood and lose baby weight!)  

Instead of going on some gonzo diet to make our resolution a reality, we simply committed to replacing some of our normal calories with your butter lettuce instead!  We are eating the same food we love while loving the fresh, healthy addition to our dinners.  

We usually get about 3 dishes when we order Chinese takeout.  Since we get 1-2 lettuce heads from our local grocery store every week to have that for our main meals, we took a gamble and ordered less – only ordering orange chicken and some rice.  Not only did we eat better (with butter lettuce), we ate less and had leftovers.  I had to take a picture of our dinner, we put the chicken and rice on the butter lettuce (the chicken was saucy) and shaved carrots on the top and it was so delicious!

We are loving our new “eat butter” plan!

Here’s to Eating Better – By Eating Butter (…Lettuce that is!).

If you have eating “Butter” tips to share, we’d love to hear from you!