A Healthy Appetite: Burger Recipe

At Live Gourmet we love our leafy greens but we also like a great burger too!  A burger is a tasty way to get your daily veggie intake with added lean protein.  This week we’re featuring a recipe that’s perfect for Summer!

California Grillin’
Burger Recipe
    • Fresh Hamburger Buns – Cibatta, Sourdough, Sprouted Wheat.  We recommend hitting your local bakery or grocery store.
    • Freshly Ground Sirloin, Turkey, Veggie, or Soy Burger Patties.
    • Fresh tomato – We suggest trying an organic brand for maximum flavor.
    • Live Gourmet Butter Lettuce or Red Butter Lettuce.  Our Living Butter Lettuce makes a colorful addition to your burger or sandwich.  It’s packed full of calcium and Vitamins A & C. 
    • Grilled onions.

    • Cheese of Choice: Tofutti Soy Cheese, Tillamook Cheddar and Wisconsin.
    • Secret sauce – Vegenaise + Balsamic Vinegar mixed together well then smeared on both buns.

      The final steps are easy: 
      #1. Grill your Burger Patty #2. Assemble veggies, cheese, secret sauce #3. Take a Bite!

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